Basics just gathers and saves information an data that is required to provide the functionality of the service.

The data is kept confidential and is not being given to third parties. Information is anonymized, pseudonymized or encrypted as much as sensible.

Data can be requested to be deleted at any time. Should a relation between a guest and a company stay or report be made (through the usage of the address book functionality or specification of the guests name), its possible to anonymize that data and delete all personal information about that guest.


The pages of (,,, use cookies.

The following cookies are saved:

All cookies are necessary for the functionality of the service.

Other browser stored data

The pages of partially use technologies like "cache", "local storage" or "Indexed DB" to persist data over sessions. This data is a direct or indirect product of user interaction (setting the language, editing/viewing of company stays, reports, addressbook, etc.). They are a core of functionality. With deletion of the browser cache this data gets deleted and will only be stored again after the site is loaded again.