Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are based on a set of terms of conditions generated by a AGB Generator of Deutschen Anwaltshotline AG.

General scope

The following terms and conditions apply to all bussiness relationships between the customer and

Andreas Niemann


Wolfsburger Str. 11

38448 Wolfsburg


, followingly named "provider".

Scope of services

Through this contract the sale of internet services through the website of the provider is regulated. We guarantee a availability of 98% over the average of a year for the availability of our website. The scope of the service is limited to the services offered at the time of the registration.

Conclusion of contract

This contract begins with completion of the registration. The displayed offers are a non binding invitation to make an offer through ordering/registration that can then be accepted by the provider. The ordering process involves the following steps:
  • Filling out and checking the registration form
  • Checking the "I hereby accept the terms and conditions" checkbox
  • Submitting the registration by clicking the button "register"
  • A confirmation email will be sent
  • Clicking or otherwise opening the link from the confirmation email to proceed with registration
  • Creation of a user account on the site displayed after clicking on the link contained in the confirmation email
  • A invoice email will be sent
  • With the sending of the invocie the contract becomes valid. The automated confirmation of registration and user creating is no legally binding declaration.

    Contract duration

    Unless otherwise agreed upon the contract is in place for an idefinite period of time. The contract has a minimum contract period. The minimum contract period is 1 calendar year. If the customer does not cancel the contract in time its duration is renewed automatically by 1 calendar year. The contract can be cancelled without reason by both parties during a period of 30days to the end of the calendar year. The provider is also entitled to terminate the contract relationship for good cause without notice. Contract termination is only binding if it is in one of the folling forms: written letter / elekcronic/email.


    Alle Preise sind Nettopreise und verstehen sich zuz├╝glich der gesetzlichen Umsatzsteuer. All prices are net prices and do not contain value added tax.

    Terms of payment

    A annual account will be issued. The sum is made up out of a base value of 1000NOK and 50NOK per boat for which catches are registered. The sum is payable per calendar year. All payments are carried out thorugh issuing an invoice. The customer has the folling method of payment: SEPA wire transfer. All other forms of payment will be rejected. Payment is due immediately after the invoice is received and is to be transfered to the banking account specified in the invoice. The customer is bound to pay the amount mentioned in the invoice withing 30 days. After expiry of the payment period the customer will be in default without warning.

    availability of service

    The service is at latest available 10 days after payment has been received. If the provider can no longer offer the service anymore he has the right to withdraw from the contract with the customer. The customer will be informed immediately and payment for the accounting period will be reimbursed.

    Contract modalities

    The text of the contract will be saved by the provider. The customer can not access the text directly. The customer can correct erros in his order/registration after registration is completed. To do this he can do the following: Go to "Settings" -> "Contract Data" after logging in through https://fishreg.net/fishreg-web, the option to edit will be available.

    Right of withdrawal

    Regulations for distance selling contracts are not applicable to customers that are bussinesses. Thus no right of withdrawal is aviable. The provider also does not grant this.

    Exclusion of liability

    The provider assumes no liability for direct damages, secondary damages or lost profites due to technical problems or disturbances within the internet. With regards to customers that are bussinesses we are not liable for minor neglicence of contractual obligations.

    Language, jurisdiction and applicable law

    The contact is formulated in english language. The execution of the contractual relationship will be in english. Only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany is applicable. For services of this contract the place of business is Wolfsburg, Germany. For business customers that are no legal person, jurisdiction for disputes from this contract is the court responsible for Wolfsburg.

    Privacy policy

    In context with this contract on the basis of these terms and conditions the providers gathers, saves and processes data. This is accordance with the law. The provider does not pass personal data to third parties unless legally oblicated to do so and without express concent of the customer. Unless otherwise aggreed upon (subscribing to newsletters or informational emails), the data provided by the customer will only be used to contact the customer as part of the contract and for the reasons the customer provided the data. If the provider is legally oblicated to do so some data may be stored up to 10 years. During the visit of the providers website anonymized data that can not be linked to personal data may be logged. This includes IP address, date, time, browser, operating system, visited pages. Through the wish of the customer personal data will be deleted, corrected, anonymized or blocked. Information about all personal data of a customer is available free of charge. For all requests for deletion, correction or blocking of personal information, as well as inquiries on how data is gathered processed and used please contact: Andreas Niemann, Wolfsburger Str. 11 38448 Wolfsburg +4915752510021 gdpr@fishreg.net.

    Severablility clause

    Should any of the provisions of these terms and conditions be invalid, illegal or unenforcable the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions shall not be affected or imparied thereby.