About FishReg

FishReg.net is intended as a convenient, easy and inexpensive tool to send the catches of fishing tourists to Directorate of Fisheries.
It is intended to make the collection of catches and sending of reports as fast as possible.

Methods of catch registration:

The interfaces are available in multiple languages, fishreg-web in english, german and norwegian and fishreg-app/fishreg-terminal in English, German, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Polish, Russian and Lithuanian.
The translation into German, English and Norwegian are done manually, Norwegian content may contain parts that are in English.
Translations into other languages is mostly done using automated translation technology, supplemented with some manual translation (fish species i.e.).

Other features

Functionality has been given priority over design.

Workflow of registration, processing and sending

Registered catches will be stored on the FishReg servers until the customers stay is over. Only after the stay can all trips be combined into a single report and sent to the Directorate of Fisheries.

Lowest effort

To keep your workload to a minimum you can generate a list containing 500 codes.
Each of these codes can be used by a guest to define the timeperiod of his stay and register catches.
In combination with the option to automatically send reports after they have been completed, the effort required of you is minimal.

The main interface for companies

The main interface offers management of: Customer stays, reports, boats, address books, toll receipts for customers, quarterly and yearly reports of sent reports for companies.

You can check out the demo system at https://demo.fishreg.net.

Only basic information is needed to get started. If you want you can keep you customers completely anonymous to the system.

Manage stays

Generate Codes

To save even more time you can generate a list of codes.
When a guest uses a code on the list, he can specify the timespan of his day on his own
In combination with the option to auto send reports this will reduce the amount of time you need to spend to an absolute minimum.

Edit trips

Send to Directorate of Fisheries

Get receipt

sample customer receipt

Manage customers in an address book (optional)

Many more options are available (company receipts of sent reports, import and export from/to Excel, user management, customer groups, search for customers/groups, etc.)

The web app for customers

Customers can use their own devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops) to digitally register their catches using their browser.

A customer is given a unique code by the company. When he uses his browser to go to https://fishreg.net he can enter this code to log in. No personal infomation is gathered, requested, or saved.

Afterwards he will be presented with a simple interface to enter his catches of the day. There is one page per day and incrementing/decrementing the amount caught fishes for the day is achieved by clicking the respective button.

To help your guests get started registering their catches, you can print out and hand them one of the following booklets:
FishReg Guide for guests (german)
FishReg Guide for guests (english)
FishReg Guide for guests (polish)
FishReg Guide for guests (czech)
FishReg Guide for guests (russian)
FishReg Guide for guests (lithuanian)
FishReg Guide for guests (german), for use with code list
FishReg Guide for guests (english), for use with code list
FishReg Guide for guests (polish), for use with code list
FishReg Guide for guests (czech), for use with code list
FishReg Guide for guests (russian), for use with code list
FishReg Guide for guests (lithuanian), for use with code list
Upon registering to use FishReg you are permitted to copy, reproduce and modify these booklets if the reason is related to the use of FishReg.

Log in with code

Creation of stay

If a guest has entered a code from a code-list he needs to specify the timespan of his stay:

Select boat (if more than one boat available for stay)

Enter catch of the day

The terminal app

To allow customers to enter their catches digitally without using their own devices a central system can be provided (Tablet, PC, Mac or Laptop are viable options).

That system will present the user with a boat selection, followed by the interface to enter the catches of the day. Not unsimilar to the web app.

Boat selection

Enter the catch of the day

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The price is 1000NOK per calendar year and additionally 50NOK per boat per calendar year. A company with 2 boats therefore has to pay 1100NOK per calendar year, a company with 10 boats has to pay 1500NOK per calendar year. The price is excluding VAT. VAT will be stated on the invoice for german companies. Companies outside Germany will receive an invoice stating that they have to pay the taxes in their country.

The amount of boats is to be seen as an average for all regularly rentable boats. You don't have to pay for spare boats. If you regularly rent out 10 boats and keep 2 boats as spare, you have to pay for 10 boats.

If you buy another boat during a year you will only have to pay for it in the following year.

A detailed description can be found in the terms and conditions.

If you are interested in using fishreg.net or have questions you can contact me (Andreas Niemann) personally by writing an email to a.niemann@olsitec.de or calling me at +49 157 525 100 21

You can also check out the demo system at https://demo.fishreg.net

Optional services

The documentation of FishReg is intended to get you an easy and quick start.
Should you have questions regarding to FishReg usage that are not, or not obviously part of the documentation, feel free to contact me via email at support@fishreg.net. Your questions will help to optimize the documentation.
I ask for your understanding that I can not spend too much time on individual support requests though. An advanced support is therefore not included in the aforementioned price.

Should you require help with more complex topics, such as configuring a tablet for FishReg-Terminal or im- and exporting of stays from/to Excel sheets, I can give you an individual quote.
I also offer other services regarding IT, internet and technology in general.
If you are interested please contact me via email at a.niemann@olsitec.de or via phone +49 157 52510021.

Register for FishReg

Please fill out this form. You will receive an email with a link. If you follow the link you can complete your registration.

Upon completion of the registration you will receive an invoice with payment instructions. Only after payment will the option to send reports to the ministry of fisheries be enabled.
All other functions are available beforehand.

A contract is only completed when payment is completed and is valid for the current year. Its duration is automatically renewed for one year if it is not cancelled during a period of 30days to the end of the year.
Payments for new contracts, that start after a regular norwegian tourist fishing season has ended (after 1st November), are counted towards the next year.

terms and conditions
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Complete documentation

The complete documentation can be found at https://fishreg.net/dokuwiki

Quick guide

This system will provide you with all the necessary functions to enter data from filled out hard copy fangstrapports (fangstdagbok) or manage customers that generate their own fangstrapports.

ToDo list for new users:

hardcopy fangstrapports (fangstdagboker)

To enter a filled out report and send it you need to follow these steps:

Reporting of catches by the customer

To have your customers register their catches on their own follow these steps

Generating toll receipts for the customer

The documents can be generated in advance.

Reporting of catches by the customer at a fishing camp terminal

To enable customers to enter their catches without using their own mobile devices you can set up a terminal for them. The terminal is a version similar to the Web-App for customers. A customer will be able to select a boat, then enter catches.

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recent changes

current development

planned development

feature requests

I am open for feature requests, if you would like to see a certain feature please write an email to info @ fishreg.net

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Complete registration

To complete your registration you must create a user account.

The sending of reports to Directorate of Fisheries will be enabled after payment has been received.
After payment has been received, the contract becomes valid with the sending of payment confirmation.

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